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August 15, 2017

  The AFC West is a division of the National Football League (NFL)’s American Football Conference (AFC) The division represented the AFC sixteen times beginning with  Super Bowl where  Kansas City Chiefs lost to  Green Bay 35-10.  The Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders lead the conference with three super bowl victories.  The Chiefs won one in 1970 defeating Minnesota Vikings 23-7…. Read More ›


  The AFC North is a division of the National Football League‘s (NFL) American Football Conference. It was created as the AFC Central in 1970 following the completion of the AFL–NFL merger when two of the NFL teams—the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers—moved from the “old” NFL to join the former American Football League teams in the AFC. Upon realignment, the conference received a new name the AFC… Read More ›


  When I was a younger man, I remembered the panic and understood the threat of the epidemic known as AIDS. Initially, the virus only threatened the lives of same sex men, but it soon spread to the heterosexual community. The world witnessed a cultural change that epitomised a more traditional lifestyle when AIDS moved… Read More ›

Asian babes Asian Nuggets

 Asian beauties I find too sweet!     

Vampires Evil Monster or Innocent Victims? …………Essay!

  A character is an individual or creature in an art form of the narrative variety such as a book, theatre, painting or film. The character Elizabeth Bathory, from the film, The Countess and the vampire Carmilla from the novel titled, Carmilla written by Sheridan Le Fanu has two powerful female characters who are opposites… Read More ›

Indigenous Canada

  Abstract As we approach reading week and I think of all the assignments and presentations due, the journal writings that depict the Indigenous culture and ways of knowing stand out as the most critical dialogue to date in my college career. My readings and documentary films prove that Indigenous people were the key factor… Read More ›

Dunkirk the film Subtitles.



The NFC is East is the most intriguing division with regards to all four teams in the conference. I pick Dallas to repeat as division champions.  The question is the sophomore jinx the rookie QB and RB may experience.  A closer look at Dallas and you will see they may not be as good as… Read More ›


The AFC East is a division with four teams the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins (based in Miami Gardens, Florida); the New England Patriots(based in Fox borough, Massachusetts); and the New York Jets (based in East Rutherford, New Jersey). The AFC is the only division in the NFL where none of the teams home games resides in the cities they represent. The division has been represented in nineteen… Read More ›

2017 NFL SEASON Bold and Mild Predictions .

Kurt Cousins and the Redskins have not come to a long term contract. Redskins are not prepared to lock him into a long term contract. Cousins made just fewer than 20 million last season and stood to make 23.94 million this season.  Kurt Cousins is a paltry 19-21-1 the past three seasons with 72 touchdowns… Read More ›