A father’s journey is legendary. The life he lives after the birth of his child casts a light, or shadow, onto his progeny. This is the story of a father who realises that his legend is as glorious as it is heartbreaking. His life-changing adventure serves as a guide for new parents, sending imperfect adults onto a life of heroic self-sacrifice.

Alejandro is a concerned parent and loving daddy. At a very young age, he realized that his personal legend was to become a father. Growing up in an upper-middle class neighborhood, he figured being a good father meant financially providing for your family. As a result, he attended USC and applied for business school.

Upon following his dream, Alejandro began listening to his inner voice. This same inner voice that guided him to his destiny eventually led him away from business school and into a world of creativity. He entered film school, graduated, and has been writing ever since.

His writings explain that the cost of pursuing your dreams may be high, but the rewards are great. If an individual persists, they too can create their own legend in life.

I come to know Alejandro from the internet and you tube, all of his videos are life changing. More important, Alejandro is a genuine person with kind spirit connected to all people of the word. Alejandro teachings is about living the best you whether your a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or free spirit of the world.

I introduce to more than a book about life and raising children. I introduce you to physical, spiritual and emotional healing.