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I’ll say this again, in the Quebec City Mosque incidents, six people have been killed and another eight wounded in a shooting. One suspect was arrested at the scene and another was arrested nearby. The Canadian authorities are treating the shooting as a terror attack. More than four years later a 20-year-old Canadian man has been charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. These people are a victim of racism they were targeted because they were Muslims and from South Asian community.

In 2019, more than 1,946 hate crimes against Muslims were reported at a rate of 5.2 per 100000 population. It’s more than a hate crime, this is terrorism. The young man who did this horrific crime does not need to belong to a hate group or terrorist group to be classified as a terrorist. I believe any white person who commits such a senseless act should be tried as a terrorist. Northern American white privilege is out of control south of the border and here in our province. People of colour have learned to live with white privileges. However, when lunatics like Nathaniel Veltman decide to mow down an innocent family like he’s mowing the lawn. It’s time our government put such people on trial as a terrorist. Anyone convicted of a terrorist act should be considered for execution. In certain circumstances, executions should be part of our judicial system.

  We are at fault for sitting back and allowing the government to move at a snail's pace concerning terrorism and hate. London lost valuable members of its community. The wife was on the cusp of becoming a university professor and the father had a successful physio/chiropractor business. Canada's disservice to certain immigrants needs to stop. Each year our government allows more than 300000 new immigrants into our country. The majority coming from India/Pakistan than China and the Philippines. I speak of the South Asian community and China this group comes to Canada most prepared. We classify as preferred immigrants. Immigrants can purchase a home within two years or right away. Immigrants who can contribute to the economy and community. There is a problem that everyone ignores concerning white people.

I understand it's not every white person, however, it's a greater percentage of our white privileged society who continues to hide behind ridiculous laws such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, drug abuse, road rage, confusion, disillusion at where society is heading and so much more excuses. The young man the suspect on video camera the suspect who may use the Devil made me, do it. He's under the impression he may get a few years and be out in less than 7 due to insanity. He's under the impression he might spend a few years in a psych ward and be released. I guarantee you his lawyer is preparing a defence of he cannot be responsible for his actions due to insanity. 

It’s not insanity it’s a white privilege you see in the police south of the border, or people calling the police because they see a black person walking in the neighbourhood. This is deeper than a hate crime. Our government needs to address the problem from four directions. For example, an unpopular idea in certain communities. The government needs to bring in immigrants from other regions such as Ukraine, South America, West Indies. Every five years bring in more of a group from one area than another. I’m sick of too many people citing regions like Bramladesh little India, Punjabi town Brampton, Rich Muslims aka Pakis on Mississauga Road. I have to use the P-word to get point across. It’s jealousy they cannot understand how immigrants can migrate buy homes and drive expensive cars. I see the good immigration brings but the attitude of preferences towards Asians and East Indians sparks racism. The government must look at other groups for immigration every five years.

  Addressing the problem also includes tougher laws for those who feel they can take away someone dreams. It's time to bring back lethal injections, it's time to add life in prison no chance of parole and no contact with anyone. This guy needs four consecutive life sentences for each life he took. There is much to like within the Muslim community and things to frown upon, however, taking someone's life like your laying rat poison or you just hit some wild animal crossing street. I don't care if your 16 or 99 you deserve the death sentence or the rest of your life in jail. they need to bring back the death sentence for special sick sad occasions like these.

Courtney D