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August 2, 2017

  When I was a younger man, I remembered the panic and understood the threat of the epidemic known as AIDS. Initially, the virus only threatened the lives of same sex men, but it soon spread to the heterosexual community. The world witnessed a cultural change that epitomised a more traditional lifestyle when AIDS moved… Read More ›

Vampires Evil Monster or Innocent Victims? …………Essay!

  A character is an individual or creature in an art form of the narrative variety such as a book, theatre, painting or film. The character Elizabeth Bathory, from the film, The Countess and the vampire Carmilla from the novel titled, Carmilla written by Sheridan Le Fanu has two powerful female characters who are opposites… Read More ›

Indigenous Canada

  Abstract As we approach reading week and I think of all the assignments and presentations due, the journal writings that depict the Indigenous culture and ways of knowing stand out as the most critical dialogue to date in my college career. My readings and documentary films prove that Indigenous people were the key factor… Read More ›

Dark Prince vs Dracula 1992 movie review

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula is a movie based on the historical account of a man who committed horrible crimes towards humanity. The main character in the film is Vlad Tepes a Romanian prince who fights the Ottoman Empire and the rival nobles to regain is title and freedom for people. The film… Read More ›

Shambleau A Journal Analysis

  Shambleau is the first story published by C. L. Moore in the November 1933 issue of weird tales. To many fans of the genre,  C.L. Moore is the uncrowned Grand Wizard of science fiction and fantasy.  Had she been in good health and not died in 1987 she would be the first female Grand… Read More ›

Conditions under which people obey authority and commit actions which go against conscience by Courtney Duncan

Abstract The essay proves that ruling power impacts our lives in more way than one. However, it is used to oppress and support groups of people in society commonly known depicted as Middle to lower class. The purpose of this essay is to prove that we as citizens subjugate ourselves to State laws and religious… Read More ›

Eleanor of Aquitaine Rise of feminism by Courtney Duncan

  ELEANOR AQUITAINE The feminist movement or women’s liberation society is thought to have developed its initial stages in various countries at different times in Western Europe and North America. In the present day, scholars attest that the initial spores of feminism blossomed during the Enlightenment period from (1685-1815). The enlightenment period questioned the old… Read More ›

Taiping Rebellion An Analysis!

The Taiping Rebellion and reason for its downfall Courtney H Duncan Sheridan College Davis Campus Author Note Thanking 2nd career, clients at Seva food bank Abstract In the nineteenth century, the Qing Dynasty faced a series of rebellions and uprisings which threatened to overthrow their dynasty. The greatest of these was the Taiping rebellion (1850-1864),… Read More ›

The Contributions of Women to the political economy.

  Political economy refers to different, but related, approaches to studying economic and political behaviours in reference to other fields such as law, education, health, social environment and gender. The fundamental driving force of political economy is economic progress in relation to the division of labour and the development of science. Labour within our society… Read More ›

James Micheal Curley Good, Bad or Ugly mayor ?

      THE GOOD,THE BAD AND UGLY.  “JAMES MICHEAL CURLEY”    The term “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” seems appropriate as a depiction of James Curley. The people of Boston desired change in the early twentieth century, but the nature of that change differed depending on whom one spoke to. The Irish poor wanted a… Read More ›