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Beat the Beast this week college football analysis.

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Aquasana’s drinking water filters, both countertop and under the sink, are said to be the first filtration appliances to earn certification to a new protocol developed by NSF International. The protocol is said to verify a water treatment device’s ability to reduce PFOA and PFOS to below the health advisory levels set by the EPA. In the past, PFOA had been used in the manufacturing process of some non-stick cookware.

“Our mission is to deliver the healthiest water possible, and that means working with NSF International to stay ahead of the increasing types of contaminants affecting our nation’s water supply by providing the very best filtration technology and performance,” said Todd Bartee, CEO of Aquasana. “Aquasana is leading the charge as the first to offer families a premium product that is NSF certified to protect against PFOA contamination.”






10 thoughts on “Online Discounts

  1. You are such a kool writer you should keep up post love your essays….You are so different from guys…You remind of an explorer from another planet or time traveller…….Are you going to post every other week chapter’s on your short story of woman who falls in love with a being from the otherworld…a being she only see’s in her dreams……yet still a man who can come to our world but he has to go back to the other side before sunrises………I remember when you were discussing the idea and themes with students at University of Toronto…….I also remember you were leaving Toronto University to attend Harvard University……for a year………..


  2. The online book coming out–you mentioned in earlier conversation that the heroine she’s having these dream’s and in her dreams she encounter’s a stranger a beautiful dark gothic black man whose in love with her…Are you still considering the female character to be heading to an arranged marriage a year from now in India? This was reason why the entity–immortal contemplated just taking her in her dreams to other-world thus never awaking to the real world…….So you saying he’s got so much love for her ..he doesn’t want to steal her this way…so he comes to our world but he must return to otherworld by 6am……or he will die a mortal in this world……….Its more than love story because you will implement plight of arranged marriage and situation of not all but many young Indian girls…..who are trapped………..Explaining the immortals realm’s and everything he knows of our history from beginning of time is fascinating…moreover, the old print out was more detailed You explain the immortals love of Courtly Love which is a medieval term from our world………And the immortals explanation of his coming to be immortal……….religion and lost vibes……this is so fucking KOOL………..First chapter will be ready for september 4th 2012


    1. Yeah you should get this for september glad you like
      style of the novel…….Every Gothic romantic writer rates She, subtitled A History of Adventure, This is a novel by Henry Rider Haggard, first serialized in The Graphic magazine from October 1886 to January 1887. She is one of the classics of imaginative literature, and with over 83 million copies sold in 44 different languages, one of the best-selling books of all time. Extraordinarily popular upon its release, She has never been out of print.

      he story is told from one man’s account……This story could be told from the woman account or man has he ventures to material world for love.


  3. So are you going to post the opening for this week or September 1st….Once again can we discuss and suggest in how the story should develop…..I think it interesting challenging how you made the immortal a black man because I would like to see you explain the life of a black throughout the 3500 or more years of existence and even tell the story of strong black characters throughout opposed to oppression in colonialism and the perception of our creator God, romance, pain its so invigorating…obviously you are not giving everything just telling a story……you probably, leaving everything for a purchased novel but its brilliant idea…fascinating……reminds me of Anne Rice, Gabriel MARQUEZ style and its brillaint idea…………….

    Tia Fernandez


  4. It should be a kool story…I am not sure who is writng the stroy your name is Courtney…Courtney owns the site am I correct? really good site and you have some decent excellent essays in essay section…… You are a sexy writer its nice to see guys indepth on women’s feelings…….i read some of your womens study’s essays…very well done!!! We really should concentrate on improving the program for women in this area at our colleges/university

    Grace Secord


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