Dark Stranger.

The hunters know a a fair skinned woman from earth will be the highest sacrifice to their Prince Ashima. The fear and terror encompasses the girl, and every step forward brings forth images of past victims ravaged engulfed in sexual torcher and depravity.
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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Grandmother says little children should always say a prayer before bedtime. The evil witches, goblins, and trolls will make a stew out of your soul, and you shall never wake to the light again. Every night the ghouls and goblins look for innocent victims who have not said their prayers.   Today we picked strawberries and apples. We baked a cake, and we play games sang songs until late. Grandmother says it’s time for bed. I’m so tired I forget to say my prayers. I fall into a deep sleep and a dream. I hear a distance voice saying, ‘Now I … Continue reading Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The Wolves of Dark Wood Forest: Prologue

    The Wolves of Dark Wood Forest  By: Mike Nagoda     Prologue    The dew was glistening on the leaves as Silver Tail walked through the forest in the early hours of the morning. The grass bent to the pressure of his paws as he eyed his surroundings The squirrels were scattering through the trees, the morning fog still having not lifted from their canopy. They were probably arguing about who was best to mate with, as it was that time of year. Spring was always a time for activity, full of energy. Grey Eyes hated it, but … Continue reading The Wolves of Dark Wood Forest: Prologue