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Beat the Beast this week college football analysis.


My name is Courtney Duncan; I’m a university graduate attended York, University of Toronto and Harvard University.  I’m a Capricorn who loves cooking, writing, music, reading, photography and art.  My favourite colours are green, brown, pink and orange. I’m humanitarian currently sponsoring a child and village in Soe Indonesia. I’m happily single but could be happily tied down.


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    1. Thank you for its nice to get compliments. Over the years you meet many excellent down to earth people as the wheels of life turn. You ask yourself many questions. We are advanced, however, so much hate in the world. Moreover, the key is education and how we choose to teach our children. I believe women have contributed far more to this world; nonetheless, we have not taken the necessary steps to preservation and respect of that achievement. It is one reason I believe post secoundary schools should have mandatory credits in women studies for all students to take to graduate.
      Moreover, the history of women movement, women in politics and medieval women, women in the bible are all essential subjects with regards to embedding healthy respect for our female sexes. I believe in the natural bond between man and woman. I’m heterosexual, and I support all human rights. I think part of societies problems with violence links to how we view women as sex objects and nothing more. I’m tired of hearing the comments about how did she get ahead. I have had six months to relax. I have been laid off from full-time work. I welcome any material added to this site addressing women’s issue, social studies, medieval history, human rights, and culture. I’m looking at starting a new blog and putting more time into writing and editing college essays. I might move to another site that allows me to sell products and do a variety of things, including writing. I’m new to writing and having a following. I realise the dedication and believing in what your writing goes a long way.

      Thank you for the like! Sincerely Courtney H Duncan


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