The young woman screams hysterically as the knights of darkness hunt her through the thicket forest. Flowers are wilting, and the earth scorched as they scramble to pursue their prey. The hunters know a fair skinned woman from earth will be the highest sacrifice to their Prince Ashima. The fear and terror encompasses the girl, and every step forward brings forth images of past victims ravaged engulfed in sexual torcher and depravity. She is about to give up the flight; she hears a voice . Up ahead she sees a Chateau with a lit courtyard. Just as she enters the yard, she hears a horrifying scream from the horses of the pale riders. Her pursuers have stopped the chase they appear to be afraid. The glimmering lights of the courtyard dim and a pleasant aroma encircles the boundaries of the yard. Rebecca turns to her right the direction where the scent is more pleasing. She sees him a dark man with haunting brown warm eyes that seem to penetrate her body and soul. Fear and uncertainty turn into warmth and darkness as Rebecca’s body goes limp as she falls into the arms of the stranger.