Heading into a critical game five tied at 2-2 the Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks square off at Fiserv Forum. However, the bigger story of the playoffs seems to be a superstar musician and fan, who goes by the name of Drake. I have seen headlines such as we’re ready for game 5,” says Raptors head coach Drake and Drake is the MVP of the Eastern Conference Finals. However, the headline that encouraged me to write this article is the writer Teddy Elliot whose headline states “Basketball Fans Think Drake Needs To Sit Down And Shut Up. Champagne Papi is under fire after his antics at the Raptors game. It’s ridiculous because Drake is the spokesperson for the team. He’s gifted a diamond-studded jacket paid for by the organisation and worth $747,000, by Michael Nguyen, owner of Toronto tailor Garrison Bespoke.

I agree Drake is loud, probably annoying if your an opposing player and he’s all over the TV screen. Guess what guys that is the sixth man. In the past teams have come back from the dead fueled by fans such as Drake. Back in the day, New York Knicks had Spike Lee, Dallas Cowboys had Wilford “Crazy Ray” Jones, The Lakers had Jack Nicholson, and more recently Kentucky Wildcats and Ashley Judd. I’m not sure what f^@##$%K Toronto media is doing writing and making videos about Drake antics, distraction and embarrassment to the city. I understand American writers and local writers from Milwaukee bringing up the NBA Fan Code of Conduct, which states ticket-holders are not allowed to display “disruptive behaviour” and are forbidden from “attempting to enter the court.” It’s sad when local media adds wood to the fire. Local press is saying Drake should tone down the behaviour he’s giving the city a bad name. The comments are wrong once again; it opens the door to the media bias attitude.


I use the word biased because we are fortunate to have not one but two superfans. Drake is representing the Ying, and Nav Bhatia is the Yang. Both men have a cult-like following in Toronto and around the basketball world. Nav, the 66-year-old native of India, been a raptor mainstay since 1996. Nav appears in Vince Carter documentary titled “The Carter Effect.” Nav had his a photo taken with former President Obama who instantly recognised him as superfan courtside at Raptors game. Time and time again, I have seen Nav and Drake take pictures together and share the spotlight. They are both different people with regards to ethnic upbringing and age. However, both men uniquely do an excellent job to encourage the team and bring a global spotlight to our beautiful city.When will the media understand that the game of basketball, although played worldwide, basketball is game linked to hip hop and rap culture? As a teen in high school, I remember my friends saying eh you blacks guys can run and play basketball and we can play hockey. Back then black or white whatever the sport you went out and cheered for your school team loud and you jumped around.

Our media had a big hand in the firing of coach Dwayne Casey. Some of you who may have forgotten coach Casey lead us to five straight 50 plus wins in a season and he earned coach of the year before getting the axe. It’s unreal how the media portrays someone who wants Toronto to win its first NBA championship. I hear statements that Drake should be tossed; we can’t do the things he does.


I’m saying yes you can just shut up sit down or join in the screaming jump around and noise. It seems the media wants Drake to be a Micheal Buble. That said there is nothing wrong with Micheal Buble and his music. Toronto media believes Drake image and what he represents is not ideal for the franchise. Guess what Toronto media, the Raptors organisation lays out the red carpet for Drake time and time again. Its time to loosen up and make some heavy metal, hip hop, rap, gospel or classical music noise. Your team needs you, and it appears to me that Drake is a member of the team. Every person in Toronto who is cheering the Raptors tonight is a member of the team with a specific job. Its time to chill out open a can of beer, bottle of wine or whiskey. Raptors are in a fight, and sadly Toronto writers are looking for clues!

Courtney Duncan