The NFC is East is the most intriguing division with regards to all four teams in the conference. I pick Dallas to repeat as division champions.  The question is the sophomore jinx the rookie QB and RB may experience.  A closer look at Dallas and you will see they may not be as good as 2016. The Cowboys lost 11 players to free agent market. The O-line ranks are the best in the league.  Right guard Zack Martin, left tackle Tyron Smith, and centre Travis Frederick were all pros. The problem of the team is on D. The Cowboys were decent last year, but they were far from a top 5 D. They ranked just outside top 10. The biggest loss would be cornerback motors Clairbopurne and safeties Barry Church; The Cowboys drafted three cornerbacks and safety.  The hot pick came in the 7th round where they picked up Joey Ibie a 6 foot 3 inch 3000 De from Florida. So where do I expect the team to free fall? The team needs to address internal division and become more cohesive. Prescott is the QB of the future, and now, however, some coaches believe that Kellen Moore the back up who suffered a broken leg maybe good enough to start if Prescott takes a step backwards  The QB is young and he would need more support from the entire organisation. Going into training back everyone should be on a page that Prescott is the starter and the only position available is back and three spot. The other rookie is experiencing problems outside of football, and we hope that the team gets him some help. The Cowboys will be good but a stronger schedule, not being able to sneak up on the big boys and loss of experience players will slow them down.  I expect Dallas to kick in at 11-5 or 10-6 and the another division title.


The New YORK Giants is my pick for a second best team in the division. Eli Manning is looking for one last championship, and he is a good chance of winning. The draft went average for Giants, but they did pick up Wayne Gallman a player I considered the best all purpose back coming out of the draft. Wayne Gallman can run big inside and out along with pass catching and blocking skills. H fell to the fourth round, and I see him as a good candidate for rookie of the year and a starter in the backfield.  The strength of the Giants is going to be the D where they have 10starters back from last season. My final analysis is the team winning finishing 10-6 or 11-5. The Ther key is Oline which played terrible last year. The O-line needs to protect Manning who may not last the season. They have all the tools at wideout if the line improves they could jump Dallas with an 11-5 record but ultimately see them as a playoff wild card team at 10-6 or just missing playoffs at 10-6 The Eagles will be better this year because the QB is year older. I rate Carson Wentz play as a B the first eight games and a C- the last eight games. I like the acquisition of Nick Foles to provide support at QB and Alshon Jefferies and Torrey Smith at wide outs. The problem is experience at the cornerback position, and improved linebacking play to support pass coverage. The bright spot in the draft is Derek Barnett a DE who will see immediate playing time. My final analysis is a 7-9 record but consistent play throughout the season. I don’t expect the Eagles to encounter any five games losing season such as 2016. EAGLES

We have Washington pegged to finish in the basement of the division. The offence was one of the best in the NFL last year, but they lose two good receivers in Garcon and Jackson. QB Kirk Cousins has proven he can be a top 10 type QB, however, he as to prove he can win big games. The inability to win the games as kept Cousins form a long term contract. Moreover, they lose offensive coordinator Sean McVay to the Rams. The D is terrible, and they allowed close to 380 yards per game. The record against playoffs teams is terrible, and they play a much tougher schedule with seven playoffs teams from 2016. I don’t believe Cousins as the weapons to get to 10 wins and a possible playoff appearance. The draft to most is a B in my eyes it’s a C. The Redskins did manage to steal Samajae Perine in the 4th round. I thought Pernne should have been a late 1st rounder or early 2nd rounder. I expect him to get some touches and more playing time if he improves on catching the ball. The problem with pass catching may have dropped him down the draft along with coming from Oklahoma a team known for players coming out with an attitude. Don’t be surprised if Washington falls to 5-11 but I predict a 6-10.


.I’m Courtney Duncan coming soon AFC South preview.




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