2017 NFL SEASON Bold and Mild Predictions .


Kurt Cousins and the Redskins have not come to a long term contract. Redskins are not prepared to lock him into a long term contract. Cousins made just fewer than 20 million last season and stood to make 23.94 million this season.  Kurt Cousins is a paltry 19-21-1 the past three seasons with 72 touchdowns passes and 42 interceptions. He averages one interception per game. It’s going to be tough to receive a long term form Redskins. I expect Cousins to have is the worst year as a pro further hurting himself for a long term deal.  My prediction may come true because Redskins have lost a big part of receiving corps with De’Sean Jackson and Pierre Garcon departing for free agency.  If Cousins is to succeed in Washington, he’ll have a fighting chance with Pryor at receiver and Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed at tight end.  Washington O is not geared to put points on the board quickly and to lose the speed ball Jackson further intensifies the problem.

On the plus side, they return entire O line healthy.  Moreover, the running backs Corp. Is decent if they could stay healthy and Cousins as the patience to use the ground game and not force passes. The Redskins added 4th round pick Samaje Perine from Oklahoma. The O-line had the fourth fewest sacks last year a big improvement from the year before. However, the key is Cousins making a big place on three downs and being able to scramble when needed. Last year Redskins had turnovers at inopportune periods of the game. I expect Cousins to have a decent season throwing with a drop off due to the new wide outs and age of tight ends. Vernon Davis is a good player, but he’s seen best days. I see 3-13 or 4-12 season and changes for 2018. The big factor in 4-12 seasons is the youth drafted to improve on a D-Unit that gave up 377.9 yards per game. The schedule is brutal. In that Oakland, KC, Dallas, Seattle, and Minnesota are potential playoff teams that can go deep. They play Dallas twice, and division rivals Philadelphia and the New York Giant twice. The crossover games are with AFC WEST, where Oakland will be flying week 2. San Diego is always tough at home and Denver is always a tough and KC is a consistent playoff team. The bright spot maybe rookie Samaje Perine who rushed for FBS RECORD 427 yards in a game.  Perine stocked dropped due to inability to catch balls. Nonetheless, he is a big bruising runner who will get touches immediately if Washington establishes run game and controlled passes with tight ends.  That said Cousins is on the hot seat he needs to take the team to playoffs anything less, and he’ll have to settle for long term contract somewhere else.

Tom Brady

Don’t be surprised if we see New England defending its championship. Brady gets better with age. A vintage bottle of port whisky. Brady should be the fourth QB to pass for 3000 plus yards after 40th birthday. Brett Favre, Warren Moon and Vinny Testaverde being members of such an elite club. The Patriots team loaded in receiving corps, Dante Hightower  Brandin Crooks signed from New Orleans. Malcolm Mitchell will improve-Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Let’s not forget all world tight end Gronkowski returning to line up from back surgery. They lose a load at RB with the departure of Le Garrette Blount to Philadelphia, but they pick up a speedy durable, tough back in Mike Gillislie. The Oline is solid, and D is improved. Expect Gronkowski to have his best season and Gellislee I see DE Deatrich Wise to get some playing time this year surprisingly. Expect Brady to be the second man at age 40 to throw for 4000 plus yards. Bret Favre did it, and Moon has thrown for 4000 = and 5000+ in CFL but his last 4000+ I believe he was 39 years old turning 40 playoff year.

Chicago Bears to back slide into nothing. They sign Mike Glennon a career back up with a few solid starts in seasons.Jay Cutler is gone unsigned. I expect Cutler to join some sports booth as a commentator. Cutler under achieved but he was not the sole problem in Chicago. I see the Bears going 0-6 and a 2-14 season with a win December 3rd home to SanFrancisco and December 24th home to Cleveland. Possible upsets to get them at 4-12 is Detriot and Minnesota teams they played well in the past. The Rookie Mitch Trubisky could see some playing time, late in the season. Free fall and back slide into nothing a potential 1-15 or 2-14 season. Cheer up Bears fans things will get better.

Falcons Stadium


Expect the Seattle Seahawks to improve I rate them an early season number 3 in NFC a little behind Atlanta and Green Bay with a potential to be number one seed in NFC with improved O line play and beating teams they should beat. Seatle needs to beat teams like the Rams at home and on the road. They could be 13-3 season end, but Russell Wilson needs protection and Eddie Lacey a free agent acquisition as to stop underachieving. The receivers and linebacking corps is the strength of the team. I call for a decent 12-4 or 13-3 gives them a decent shot for home field. They added Oday Aboushi to the roster from Houston he should be a starter, LT Luke Joeckel will start and improve O line if he is back to form from injury. It surprised me Jacksonville let him go. Aboushi and Joeckel will change the personae of Oline. Seattle plays a tough schedule this year in reality 11-5 – the 12-4 season is a big win. Ultimately Atlanta starts out as the team to beat, but we must see if they are over the heart break. Moreover, the Falcons over achieved on Defence, and I expect a drop off on offence. The teams in the driver seat to make a Superbowl trip is Green Bay if they can get home field and Dallas who cannot be disappointed in last season performance. I expect Minnesota, Carolina, Tampa Bay to improve. The Giants have seen the best years gone and Philadelphia is in rebuild mode. The Giants may end up with a 10-6 record and not make playoffs. More important they have an abundance of weapons but a suspect O-line who needs to protect Manning. I love the draft pick, Wayne Gallman; he is the steal of the draft and a good candidate for rookie of the year. I expect Gallman to start and have a 1000 yard season  Brandon Marshall is a nice acquisition from the Jets. The Giants will push Dallas Cowboys for first place. To conclude I expect Arizona to decline due to age at wide out and QB. San Francisco should improve, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make the playoffs. In the AFC the three best teams are New England, Pittsburgh and Oakland. I love the acquisition of Ju Ju Smith-Schuster in the draft at wide out. Expect the rookie to catch 50+ passes. I rate Kansas City ahead of Houston and Tennessee as a dark horse team. Houston is an anomaly at QB in that you cannot expect the world from the rookie.The Texans should make the playoffs on on D alone.  Deshaun Watson will see action my synopsis on him starting bye game four is all in his play during the preseason. Andrew Luck is one of the best QB in the league, but the team lacks explosion and a winning attitude. It seems the Colts team are happy with 8-8 and 9-7, but with the weak schedule, the Indianapolis Colts could be 10-6.   I’m Courtney Duncan.  look forward to answering any questions and check out my free and paid picks for college and Nfl football 2017 season.  Upcoming articles AFC division who will win the respective division and wild card teams.




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