Aroma Espresso Bar founded in 1994 in downtown Jerusalem is an Israelite espresso and coffee chain with more than 150 branches around the country.  I first heard of the cafe when I visited New York City Soho district more than ten years ago.  A year later Aroma opened branches across Ontario and Canada. As an advocate for social justice and awareness for equal opportunity in the work chain. I commend Aroma for the commitment to hiring special needs workers. Moreover, the company dedicated to serving the best meals at a lower price than competitors.  My favorite breakfast at Aroma espresso bar is the steak an egg sandwich or the egg salad sandwich. For lunch,

I suggest you try a steaming bowl of Aroma’s Espresso Signature Lentil soup or choose from a rotating selection of daily soups that include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options. The sweet treats endless and my favorite is apple cinnamon walnut danish, alfa jo res, cheese raisin roll, coconut orange cake, and break.  For those of you who have not heard of Alfa jo Res, it is a Spanish cookie with variant recipes in the Latin American countries and region of Spain. However, the most traditional contain flour, honey, almonds and several spices, such as cinnamon. Alfajores most commonly sold around Christmas, but in Sidonia and regions popular they are available year-round. Historians document a story from ancient times of the Alfa jo res recipe has been handed down from father to son.  Some of the best-known alfa or brands in South America are the Peruvian “Casa del Alfajor,” Argentine JuanitoHavanna, CachafazGuaymallén and Jorgito and the Uruguayan Punta Ballena and “Sierra de Minas.” In regions such Caribbean the light cookie substitute cassava for nuts. The cafe uses ingredients Europe, Americas, North Africa, Middle East and India.


You have hot drinks such as Cortado, mocha, hot chocolate, cold drinks such as iced latte, Ice lemon mint, and real fruit smoothies. Aroma menu is vast I’m only touching the surface of foods and drinks I have tried.  It truly is a surprise the eclectic Mediterranean-inspired menu with fresh in-house baked bread, pastries baked fresh in-store throughout the day, nutritious salads and sandwiches made to order with fresh ingredients delivered daily, and a wide selection of signature hot and cold beverages carefully prepared by expertly-trained baristas. Aroma Espresso as you know as locations all over the world. I would recommend anyone visiting Canada or locals to drop by the Aroma Espresso Bar, located at 89 Laird Dr, East York, ON M4G 3T7. The Leaside area of Toronto.


The franchsie owner of Aroma Espresso Bar. Ms. Kalra is an attractive, intelligent and experienced entrepreneur who is one of the cities bgrightest stars in the food restaurant and catering business. I ran into Neha at a private party attended by some of Toronto’s koolest socialites. We agreed on a two part article with the first part depicting her upscale coffee, sweet treats and so much more laid back hip restaurant playing classic 80s music., new aged Eastern sound and other classics.

Neha is a graduate of Niagara Culinary college. A vibrant, beautiful, intelligent young lady that is passionate about the restaurant business and catering. Do not be fooled with her movie star looks Ms. Kalra: is a dedicated culinary chef on the rise who you could find working alongside her staff. Ms. Kalra is an outgoing, popular young lady you might find at an exclusive or trendy club or an event to raise awareness to the environment, women’s rights or food drives for the poor. I’m Courtney Duncan; I encourage any of you to walk through the doors of Aroma Espresso Bar to say hello and meet an exceptionally talented woman.
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