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The ministry provides a wide range of publications and services to help employees and employers understand their rights and obligations. These include an employment standards poster, which employers are required to post in their workplaces, seven brochures, four of which are published in 23 languages; a variety of fact sheets covering topics such as domestic workers, agricultural workers, and young workers; and worksheets to help employees figure out how much they are owed. The ministry has also developed a number of online tools to assist employers and employees to understand the provisions of the Act, such as the Termination Tool, the Public Holiday Pay Calculator and the Severance Tool. The ministry is also involved in outreach initiatives such as information seminars and workshops for employer groups, employment Councillors, and professional associations. The following letter outlines a complaint an agency worker as files against his former employers.
To whom…

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  1. This is American company send story to President and VP we Americans understand business unlike Canadians this could hurt Vans especially womens group hear this story and unemployed and agent workers so shocked I believ they are located in the carolinas


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