Eight candidates will be on stage this weekend in Halifax for the fourth in the series of leadership debates. This debate is unnecessary because as we head for home in mid-April conclusion, one fact is undeniable: Justin Trudeau has won it. Many people believe that Canadian politics is broken and Justin Trudeau is the only Liberal candidate who can fix it by giving a new generation of Canadians something to believe in. I’ve seen him connect with the young people in our communities and with citizens across Canada. He has what it takes to make a great Liberal leader and an exceptional Prime Minister.” Access to education for all Canadians and a system where all people of Canada’s rights are protected is much needed in all regions of Canada.9_stephen_harper_canada_prime_minister
Trudeau has raised more money than all of his opponents combined. He has attracted fans all over-even in Western Canada. Two years ago he was criticized for blaming the country’s problems on Albertans controlling the political agenda in a 2010 French-language television show that resurfaced again this past week. Moreover, Trudeau has upset older Liberal with his stance on foreign ownership in the energy sector and the now defunct gun registry law. As you remember Trudeau stated having a firearm is an important facet of Canadian identity. A statement so outdated it could only be placed in the period of Canadian history known as the war of 1812 or The Louis Riel rebellion of 1870. He went on to state that we will continue to look at ways of keeping our cities safe and making sure that we do address the concerns around domestic violence that happen right across the country, in rural as well as urban areas in which, unfortunately, guns do play a role.” “But there are better ways of keeping us safe than that registry which is, has been removed,” Trudeau said.
Today we have a more experienced, young vibrant Trudeau is his willingness to listen to his advisors and the pleas of respected communities across Canada. This abode well for the new leader who will be well prepared to face Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the 42nd Canadian federal election, which is tentatively scheduled for October 19, 2015, in accordance with the Canada Elections Act which requires that a general election be held on the third Monday of October in the fourth calendar year following polling.
So what should Trudeau bring to the table to defeat such a formidable opponent has Prime Minister Harper. Harper arguably being or will one day be considered in the same category has Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Diefenbaker, Lester B Pearson and the hard drinking Sir John A Macdonald. We will quickly analyse Harpers resume and identify what Trudeau could do to continue to gain support. Most people give conservatives the credit for backing up their promises. These promises back up were human smuggling law, wheat board, the long-gun registry, the omnibus crime bill and the copyright bill. Moreover, Canada is a known foreign affairs power and Harper is also given credit for steering us through the economic recession a recession which I would state has been around since the early 1990s. Furthermore, Harper has been scandal free. To continue Harper has cleaned up the demonic monster known as ‘Immigration Canada. Harper Conservatives are ramming through major reform of Canadian immigration law as part of Bill C-50. The major reform would establish categories, set the number of applications and establish an order for processing applications, among other things. bribes are legend in immigration circles, and one of the major purposes of the Conservative bill is to break down internal resistance to reform.
We’ll always have preferred immigrants but this country will still open doors to not so lucky immigrants who qualify and deserve a chance to make a future within the Dominion. My Canadian political history studies have taught me that immigration policy has failed to allow enough skilled economic immigrants to enter Canada at a time when demand is high. Indeed, total immigration into Canada has been all but frozen at 250,000 or less a year for almost two decades. Of that, only about 37,000 arrive in Canada with trades that were needed in 2011, showing a trend that favoured a wealthy foreigner wanting to migrate to Canada. I use the word migrate because most Canadians realize that rich foreigners migrate with privileges and the not so wealthy along with refugee cases immigrate with tension and apprehension from middle to lower class citizens who feel they run the economy down and keep the hourly rate of labour jobs down at a record low.
Harper’s most popular achievement will be evidenced by 2015-showing that an increase of immigrants to Canada from a set margin of 250000 per year to 300000 per year-including an increase in skilled workers, such as mechanics, computer operators, labourers, truck drivers, skilled oil workers, and labourers for the oil sands and Northwest territory mining along with construction workers. These decisions which seem more middle class and liberal politics-these changes present Prime Minister Harper has a formidable champion of the people at the current moment. Looking into the future I see Harpers Conservative coming out strong pressing the issue trying to force the liberals into the ropes looking for a first round knockout.
What does the formidable young challenger have to do offset these powerful right hands? Justin Trudeau would have to gain support from young voters, gain support from new citizens or workers working contract worker with an agency. Furthermore he would have to look at lowering car insurance premiums for people over the age of 60 and restructuring the way the law is read for certain driving offences such as no yield along with devising a new bill to red-direct funding into the retiree pocket. Baby boomers people born from the years 1946 to1964, they would welcome such a bill along with seniors born before WW11 or during that period. The counter punches the rope a dope.
Trudeau will counter-punch Harper’s successful C-50 bill and immigration policies by bringing attention to their needs. University students don’t need reduced tuition increased tuition serve to alleviate the cost of provincial taxes due to education. It serves to keep good professors in Canada and to upgrade the curriculum at every level of post graduate education. For example, implementing, a mandatory woman study credit in order to graduate from any program in college or university. Women have struggle hard to be men’s equal in the business world and culturally and on the world sphere we would be recognized as a society in the forefront of human rights and betterment of women and superior standard of living for all mankind.
The Liberals would help students more and their cause if they supported a new bill extending legal aid services to administrative issues dealing with college and university students with documented grievance against their respective institute. At York University they have a free service funded from students tuition this service is provided by the YFS ….however; the lawyer representing you can only give you advice he cannot represent you in court. The other so-called credible service is CLASP; CLASP is an interdisciplinary Student Legal Aid service society, with students from OSGOODE Hall Law School and the School of Social Work. Under the supervision of lawyers and the community outreach counselor, students give client referrals, summary advice and representation. This representation is limited-then again would a student really feel comfortable having a representative defend him who attended university or is currently at the university he or she holds a grievance against. Legal aid for full and part time students is the best plan. The government could raise tuition an extra 50 dollars on every student in Canada to cover expenses.
During the middle rounds of this heavy weight fight the Liberals could really go on the offense with some hard jabs and upper cuts to the Conservatives mid-section hoping to slow them down. Stop them from coming in so boldly by looking closely at the practices and policies of credit card companies and employment agencies. After all most of the new citizens, landed immigrants, and students just graduating from respected programs. They have the misfortune to be hurt by labor laws in respect to contract workers and the policy of credit card companies. Justin trudeau
For example BMO master card provides full protection on their credit cards for an annual or monthly fee. If you were to lose job or you were injured your monthly balance would be paid by insurance up to 24 months. What they fail to tell you about this security package is once you are employed by an agency or you are hired to perform contract work-even after a year or more working for the same company you cannot be covered. I wonder how many agency workers’ pay this fee not realizing the only coverage you have is upon your death where company writes off balance. It should be law that all credit card companies expose their hidden fees and clauses who wants to pay for a service that does not protect your interests.

Liberals believe that government has a critical role to play in helping Canadians save for their retirement security. Through the creation and strengthening of the Canada Pension Plan, we have consistently worked to support Canadians who wish to retire in dignity and economic security. There is more that must be done. Canadians aren’t saving enough for retirement, and three-quarters of Canadians in the private sector having no registered pension plan. With growing household debt, increasing financial burdens from school-aged children, and the cost of caring for our aging parents, saving for retirement has become even more of a challenge – and not an urgent priority for the Harper government. Liberals have put forward a credible plan to protect the pension savings of Canadians whose companies have gone bankrupt, and would establish a voluntary Supplementary Canada Pension Plan to help more Canadians use our trusted national pension plan to save for their retirement. The previous statement was retrieved from Liberal website….
What else could be done? Let’s look at a credit where a Grandparent or parent pays tuition for a grandson/daughter or family member. 1 year to 10 years of tuition was paid for by parent or guardian. The guardian or parent could claim that money back at the age of 75 or reinvest that money in mutual fund, stocks a retirement home in a cheaper country with warm climate etc….. The catch if you claim a lump sum at the age of 75 you would receive 70% of what you invested in sibling’s education with interest or take 50 % and invest other 50% in mutual funds and other government bonds. Good ideas you tell me better yet tell your local MP?

The failure to yield law entails many positive points however, the right of way on entering highway from private road 139. (1) Every driver or street car operator entering a highway from a private road or driveway shall yield the right of way to all traffic approaching on the highway so closely that to enter would constitute an immediate hazard. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 139 (1). This is where the law has a grey area which opens the door for insurance scams and other crimes related to fraud. Imagine a busy street and passing traffic allows you to enter the road, however, someone driving too fast in the left turning lane to avoid traffic loses control and clips the front end of your car which is sitting idle in the road waiting to turn left. This law should be looked at closely for example, if the driver of car that hit person leaving private property was in left turning lane to turn left into private property then the person leaving private property should be at fault. It does not matter if he/she is given entrance into street by oncoming traffic. However, if driver of car is using left turning lane to beat traffic and merge ahead at the following lights or tune left at Next Street then he should be at fault. I hope I have not confused on this point please comment on this point if I lost everyone. The way the law is situated the driver leaving private property is still at fault if the other driver does not have proper insurance or any insurance. Stranger though monthly payments can double after an incident like this and we only have to thank no fault insurance. We could also look at reduced insurance for all seniors with good driving records.
Who knows who will win this highly anticipated match-up? The election is a little less than two years away. In two years another challenger might rise from the ranks of NDP. At the moment the clear cut big boy for Harpers crown is Justin Trudeau. I feel he has earned all the attention and accolade he’s learned to admit mistakes and listen to advisors. Harper has done a lot for Canada on a worldwide scale any one of the two parties who read this article and take my advice seriously could win the election. Any outside party such as the ever falling in popularity NDP or obscure Green party, Bloc Quebecois, Independent Conservative or Independent could gain a substantial amount of following and recognition for the future. Who would I support and who do I expect to see in the big fight. I believe Justin deserves to go up against Prime Harper, nonetheless, I support is candidacy for leadership of the once powerful liberals. I admire is charisma and intelligence obviously inherited from his iconic father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and is free spirited mother Dame Margaret Trudeau. Justin has raised this party from the fires of hell to the heavens of respectability. The Liberals stand a better chance of victory with Justin. I say again whichever party reads this article carefully and seriously considers these reforms that would be the party in control of Canada’s fortunes for years to come. I feel Liberals stand more to gain reviewing these policies…If the Conservatives looked at any of my ideas and implemented into their agenda they would once again attract young voters from all of Canada including young people who were raised Liberals, NDP or chose not to vote because they felt their vote would not count because of the area they lived.


writer Courtney Duncan