Happy Valentines to my favourite baby Nugget Aida.


My angel, my everything, my very self.  We shall surely see each other soon My heart is full of so many things to say to you.                     My true treasure the epitome of beauty Princess I journey to the end of the world and the never-world, only to be with you.                  Darling, it seems so long ago since we met remain my true, my only baby nugget.Your faithful knight and magician of the art of Courtly love.I say to you guide me for a journey to the Far Pavilions. A path that takes me across the world, the world is your soul, your flesh. An endless journey through time and space. I say to you be my valentine so I can begin this quest to the Far Pavilion. That lost Palace which holds all the treasures but the treasure so valued to me is the magical gold, diamond and ruby key which unlocks the a treasure chest that holds the secret your heart and your heart desire for I would I like to give that to you.

Happy Valentines Aida Your humble magician Courtney


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