When you first appeared you had your back to me but I knew you were a beauty.
Your slender figure casted a silhouette in the entire room.
That night my spirit travelled to the netherworld where I glimpsed a shadow of
Tristan and Isolde embraced in a kiss. Sir Tristan is a knight whose name means sorrow.
Tristan and Isolde drank a love potion-mistakingly believing it was wine.
This potion, which had been meant to enhance the arranged marriage of Mark and Isolde,
instead bound Tristan and Isolde inextricably and tragically in love.
Isolde married King Mark of Cornwall, but the love affair with Tristan continued after her wedding.
King Mark eventually learns of the affair, forgives Isolde, but exiles Tristan from Cornwall.

Tristan moved to the court of King Arthur and went to Brittany, where he met Iseult of Brittany.

Apparently he was attracted to her because of the similarity of her name to that of Isolde.

He married Iseult, but continued to love Isolde

In this letter I use your astrological name Virgo. Queen of all Virgo’s most beautiful Virgo .
Because of what my spirit showed me I tried avoiding you then one morning you appeared

out of nowhere I said hello and your eyes said yes. and I knew you had me for now until eternity.

Sweet Virgo, sweet Angel my lost Isolde. Forgive me for wanting you so much, forgive me for looking

into that heaven in your eyes.

That said I shall converse with moon and stars and present an astrological letter.

Virgo women worry too much about finding the ideal man. A man ideally from your heritage

and religious background. Virgo’s like to analyze things, you are perfectionist.

When Virgo’s encounter problems these women quickly become discouraged.

Moreover, your beauty gives you ability to see every angle of a many-sided question.

The downside is you have no confidence in any conclusions at which they arrive.

Therefore, Virgo’s are not dreamers, writers, thinkers or people who challenge the religious sphere.

You are a woman with fear of the unknown. You fear the afterlife, death, uncertainty, the occult, tarot cards

and time travel-yet you still secretly admire people who are interested in these theories.

When I think of your name I cannot put pen to it because no words in English Language does this proper meaning.

Permit me to call you Virgo the sign of a female with creativity, intelligence and charm. Permit me to identify you as God’s gift,

a blessing something truly beautiful….these words come close to the true meaning of your name. The names and the naming

of people are entwined in the stars and astrological paths.

When we spoke last week I promised to write you an article this article is mired in psychic reading and admiration.

Your feelings have changed towards university–you feel it would be better to get married an arranged marriage.

You don’t believe that you could put enough effort and passion into finishing school.

Virgo’s are charming, perfect and intelligent, the woman who seduces all that crosses her path, be it man, woman or spirit.

Henceforth you realize you be able to seduce your man.

I feel you are a very discerning person, a natural critic and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone.

Highly intuitive, you can sense what is wrong or off-key about a person or situation, and hone in onto this with intent to improve.

Governed by Earth, the Virgo woman is inherently practical, basing her thoughts on reality, not imagination.

Sensation and experience are more important than emotion and fantasy to the Virgo woman.

Virgo women experience sexuality at a younger age only later to crave romantic emphatic emotion of courtship, romance

dreaming, indulging in a character in a novel.

In this world we have two types of women hunters and collectors-you Virgo-woman-you are a collector. A woman who needs to be pursued.

However, you fear change because of gift an ancestor has giving to you being a woman of muslim Ancestry. I only know your first name

I don’t know your last name-however, your last name would not be a Khan because you fear mysticism. Women with the khanate name

have a passion for mysticsm…Once upon a time women were powerful rulers and leaders in your culture. I believe the word is Sufism-Sufism practice

Ishan perfection of worship as revealed by Gabriel. This was soon abolished by a powerful sect in Iran who forced women to be veiled and more

obedient to husbands…….Your clan were once Shiite….some may have turned to Sunnism…Your first name names of people in your family

dating back to time of Mohammad indicates you would indulge the shiite…..because of hereditary connection to family though distant today. Nonetheless, you

maybe Sunni or your family today because of that transgression.

A woman who wants change but fears change because in your world-religious or culturally experienced you dominate or have power to dominate your man.

I believe this to be from your prophet Mohammad a man I suggest you are distantly related in bloodline.

Your family adapt females names closely related to old prophet. Therefore, prophet favours you by ignoring your transgressions.

You have strong spirit protecting you and ignoring your transgressions. You are closer to sister maybe more of mother than you own mother whom at times don’t agree..

mother pressures you to finding man from old world and you are still trapped in decision.

This is your decision a big decision that will change your life forever, university is important to you because you were raised in western society.

You attended school in Streetsville there is a strong connection to this area and Mississauga Road. You mentioned you lost someone close to you?

You would consider contacting them in other world at least their spirit-you believe or may think the person spirit is not at rest.

Moreover, you are a collector as opposed to a hunter. In the future later on in life you may wish that you were more a hunter because the world is changing

and women who are hunters are greatly appreciated in every field. You like to plan things. When it comes to love you believe in true love not stuff of fairy tales

but partners sharing equally. However, its confusing we head deep into winter solstice.

As a Virgo you have a tight-knit community of friends, however, you will encounter people who will make you look at life differently.
Virgo’s fall in love with one person at a time and does not wear her heart on her sleeve, plunging deeply into love only after she has applied her critical mind to it.

Virgo the happy Virgo woman looks for Mr Perfect as opposed to Mr Right. She is most compatible with Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus and Capricorn.
Virgo women can be a tad reserved when it comes to big exhibits of emotion. Virgo women are shy though they tend to believe they are not.

You the Virgo woman sexually you like men to take initiative, you pretend that you don’t like gifts, and other romantic gestures like Champaign and cuddling watching an old movie.

It might be from a tragic relationship or bad experience …more so youth and need to have inhibited fun.

Virgo’s love foreplay and Virgo love to flirt and collect men.

I can talk about fashion but Virgo love fashion more than any other women-maybe Sagittarius and Capricorn love fashion more.
Virgo should stay away from Scorpio, Aries and Pisces men. these men only look for trophy wives and essentially you turn yourself into a brood mare.

Although these 3 signs maybe good with money-these men tend to be more aggressive and abusive.
Virgo favourite colours are forest green and browns-you love earthy colours. Virgo’s also like cameras you love pictures and you like cleanliness.

As an earth sign…your best colours are brown and forest greens and beige all the earth tone colours…..

That said Virgo woman if looking for a romantic relationship remember the hunter, If you eventually like someone deeper than you realize be more bolder,

be more a mother figure, a guide, never be ashamed of things like your job-education etc…look for a person who finds that unimportant.

Never take good advice to heart if it does not equate you as being a perfect 10. Listen to your heart and only your heart not the words of others.

An education is important..for example at York you have programs such as REI, Womens Study and Communications…..Women’s study its pretty kool

I actually took a few women coarse to understand the path of women. REI which is Race Ethnicity Indigenous-this is an excellent coarse-more presentation

in groups-discussions of readings–personal opinions as opposed to essays. Another program is communication-its easy and it provides excellent jobs in the marketing and business sectors.

Beware of people who see the sexual side in you.

I sense some jealous example, you might have gotten mixed up orders tickets arranged with wrong orders

People only do this to confuse new workers and make them look bad. Try and stop smoking marijuana and cigarettes

yet still these things can prevent you from coming over as positive. Marijuana can be used as a guide to travelling-but cigarettes-are-death.

I see you as the youngest child-you are spoilt-tend to get away with things. Nonetheless, your approaching people and will meet people with

Saturn ruling in house-these people can provide discipline to meditate-to be able to speak to someone about what really troubles you.

You need to enroll before it’s too late Fall 2013…..If not look into acting, commercials, the bank, get creative write your thoughts down–l

Look into programs the government provide for people wanting to improve career-for example 2nd career program…

I like communications degree and REI degree as an option. You don’t put 100% into your education. We know why!!! drinking, smoking, carrying on…..

think about it you suppose to move away go to some wife training school and kick those addictions…serious now–Remember when a Capricorn says I love you

it means whatever choice makes you happy and provide happiness will make that person happy no matter how much they want you to choose another path

We discuss trying to reach your friend if it maybe possible. I sense you are skeptical

It’s a game…..no need to come this path until you are ready. Don’t walk away again…….I’m incapable of hurting you….

even if I wanted to hurt you I couldn’t….Our religions forbade aggression or deception towards woman.

Words of encouragement if you were mine I would fast until the day I dye………….how do these words encourage…ask yourself

For I shall never rest content until I am certain she knows what she is able to enact in me and how great and strong is the fire

that her great worth has kindled in my breast. Those last words I believe to be Sir Byron …that said a bottle of Dom is chilled waiting

here in my basement waiting for you!!!!! ha ha ha how close was reading…

This article has not been proof read–

I will post events of what happened to me at Chin Picnic and an outline of what happened at York University….This event which will reach arbitration and become a documentary.
leave comments and if you wish a reading to be posted with name cost is 75 dollars…All this should be advertised on card.

I will post events of what happened at Chin Picnic and an outline of what happened at York University

….This event which will reach arbitration and become a documentary.

posted by C Duncan