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Bad Side of Toronto– Comment do you think Toronto is a racist city?

Miss CHIN Bikini Pageant (Please read comments below)

Please read comments below! Pictures of commentators have been blocked so as not offend and scare the peasants in our society. This article displays an event that happened 5 years ago unfortunately because of the power of media and financial obligation to have the Chin Picnic look like a respectable picnic–welcome to all people–this is far from truth….A young man was attacked after a bottle was thrown…I heard he was hit by a car at picnic and he had to fend of rebuke of racist people in crowd..People who were upset witnessing him earlier snuggling and kissing with his attractive white girlfriend….The woman left picnic begging her companion to leave with her..because of the wicked stares she encountered…Her partner told her to meet him later at restaurant call him on phone he wanted to take a few pictures and wait for a friend he had promised to meet at picnic..they agreed to an hour later ….Once she left hell broke out…..The black guy won respect of most people at picnic who shouted to roll cameras to present this on news whilst the members of picnic shout to turn off cameras..It was 6 people 4 security and 2 thugs fighting one black football player type……Dude fought well he got some good shots in the end…..I was surprised they had black people at picnic…these blacks were white washed and obviously scared of the mafia..I give props to the black guy….I will never attend any function like this again and I am Italian..It gives Italian a bad name in community we have millions of Italians and they don’t go to this event…..I have asked permission to post this article on site so people could read and possibly a petition…..

1. Jason “pyro” Putt (48 months ago | reply)

ride her cowboy

2. hc916 (48 months ago | reply)
Daniel, Yes I saw this incident, which was one row behind me, and was disturbed by it. I was upset the police only arrested the black man, and I believe all three white men involved should have been arrested as well. This old and rude white man, earlier in the day, had told me to move as well. Thanks for writing about this incident. I was too disturbed to take a photo of the incident.

3. kevinlamphoto (48 months ago | reply)

You always seem to be at the right places at the right time in Toronto! ūüôā — Seen in Toronto (?)

4. Air || (48 months ago | reply)

amazing how this old guy caused all this trouble and nobody did anything about him. I was going to go, but decided not to, I guess it was a good choice.

5. jannx – equal eyes (48 months ago | reply)

CHIN’s picnic is held in a public place. The victim should press charges. It couldn’t be difficult to find the people wearing the CHIN T-shirts who attacked him.

The police should also be onto this or else they are complicit in this attack. This isn’t an act that can be dismissed as ‘boys having fun’ this was racial and there are laws to deal with those men involved. The old man is also involved as a CHIN worker and should be pursued.

6. squeeze_diego (48 months ago | reply)

Yes I was at the event. I am ashamed because I am Italian, this young man was assaulted by 3 maybe 4 guys, they grabbed him from behind and tackled him to the ground, one guy was holding his hands the other guy was holding legs down and the other guy was hitting him repeatedly in the head, they kept saying you like to beat on old men nigger a monkey,monkey_____the old guy kept laughing and saying beat the black monkey, Taking pictures of our fucking girls.

after that he was picking on an Indian guy telling him to move and asking him what is he doing at picnic…..this guy and everyone would tell you was a pain they should have got rid of old guy THE police never really listened to black guy because when they came he was kinda of gaining advantage he had the guy in head lock, but black guy never really got to get in groove, A lot of people felt for the black guy because he never really did anything, he did not hit the old man and did not deserve to be called a nigger, The chin staff should be ashamed because they witnessed and never defended this guy. the television crew decided not film or take pics bad for publicity. One lady was upset because she noticed how roughly they hand cuffed the black fella. the cuff were almost cutting is skin, he was screaming to police to loosen the cuffs The white guy who did everything was cuff and cuffs were released or more relaxed. I do not have many black friends but this is so unfair, many of performers and black people in the crowd would say the something I was very surprised that it never got any air play

7. N Dave Johnson (48 months ago | reply)

Holy crap!! That is brutal! The cops should bust the white guys and the old man, too!!

8. ulla* (48 months ago | reply)

This sounds totally crazy. Unbelievable this can happen in a public space with so many witnesses. I don’t think it’s too late for you who were there, to report this, and get the story straight. And Daniel, I am sorry that you’ve decided not to ever come back to Toronto. One of the reasons I love this city, is because of its diversity and multiculturalism. I have to say though, since I come from Sweden originally, that racism exists there too. I think Swedes sometimes adopt a “holier-than-thou” attitude when talking about other countries, but fail to see the problems in their own backyard. This could very well happen there too.

9. Pebbz (48 months ago | reply)

Wow, I’m shocked and sad to read such a story. If I didn’t know you Henry, I would have thought this was entirely made up.

10. cronik1 (48 months ago | reply)

I was on the T.T.C. (subway train) when an old man spoke rudely to me, I said, “NO speak english” THE OLD MAN! became, very abusive towards me! he finally told me to go to where I cam from! then I answered in English! I was born in Toronto!!! everyone in and around us laughed at the old man!

11. Vinos-photo (48 months ago | reply)

so have any of you gone to the police as witnesses?

12. Photos – Events / People / Places (48 months ago | reply) Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Pageant Photos – Worldwide, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

13. MangAndri …on/off (48 months ago | reply)


14. axndr (48 months ago | reply)

Whats even more amazingly shocking is that all of you ( the persons who witnessed this) all stood by and watched this happen and did nothing?! None of you even took photos of this?!

15. rpn_student (48 months ago | reply)

Will anyone go to police to help the guy out? You can make all the comments we want but he will sit in jail and rot if no one comes forward.

16. mandy_in_disguise (48 months ago | reply)

“Evil prevails when good men fail to act.” Congratulations folks.

17. hc916 (48 months ago | reply)

As the poster of this photo and the comments asking people to read this thread, I must say I have made efforts to have this issue known. See the number of hits on this photo as one measure. Further, I have answered questions from a reporter of a national newspaper who is investigating this incident.

18. mandy_in_disguise (48 months ago | reply)

keep us posted

19. blackjamesdean1965 (48 months ago | reply)

I would like to thank Mr. Henry Chan and all the others who have made this case be known to our community. The past 4 weeks or so I have listened to your kind regards and suggestions. I am the victim. Hopefully with some hard work and a good lawyer we can get some protection for all photographers and people in general. I do not know if Henry or anyone realizes this, but in Canada you would see much envy and jealousy. Henry like myself takes pride in is camera gear and his self my first and only option was to protect my camera as they tackled I did not want to fall on the camera or damage the lens etc. After being held down and taking so many shots, I tried to relax and gain upper hand, Just at the time when you are recovering the police appears. The hand cuffs were locked on my hands so tight I still bear the marks, and my shoulder is still sore from being hand cuffed. To make worse I was hit by a car earlier in the day by a chin employee, he also tried to drive away, The car hit my leg and damaged one of my wide-angle lenses. It was not a good day. Now tha story as bin networked, I am looking for a good lawyer who needs money, Maybe we could get a documentary out of this. I will look at Maclean , metro and some other mags to publish this story I would like to take a swipe at many publications including, the national post, sun, etc………..Hopefully with the production of this story we can spring some passes to the film festival party, sympathy thing…I will give these passes to whomever is associated or have stressed concern. I believe it is a good story to promote____I see some positive and advantages for us as artist. At this picnic I saw too many jealousy people staring at people camera equipment or jacket or whatever. So many ethnic including blacks like myself have worked so hard to have peace…….And then to be accosted by Irish and Italian racist hooligans.. I can get my gang and win but I choose to win the court room and the internet, mags etc I have look at some of your work on this site Henry I am really impressed. Courtney I will post some more details on the case and the reporter Katie Rook I believe

cannot be trusted……I contacted her weeks ago and she as not returned my emails or phone calls. I believe she is looking for flaws in this story they are no flaws……. check the security camera . Katie Rook herself is or was a student at Ryerson thew ryerson newspaper refused to do a story on racism or unfair practices at the school.. I mean they had jews haters . niggers slashed across wall, words like chink, packie etc…….. I will post a picture of myself very soon

20. blackjamesdean1965 (47 months ago | reply)

shit fucking happens and whitey will try and cover shit with rags they only spread shit pooch its fragmented across universe what is done is done…love yah babes..aka babybeefcake

21. iFool (47 months ago | reply)

I was there on the following day. I was wondering why the place was crawling with cops. It was a big change from the previous year.

I urge those of you that had witnessed the incident to come forward. It sounds to me that the guy with the cane had done this sort of things before and he will do it again to other innocent people. To him, it’s strictly a power trip. This time he used racial remarks, next time, could be gender or sexual orientations. “It’s the bottom line not the colour line.” Eventually, he will get to you or someone you love.

22. mz_mehreen (43 months ago | reply)

ooh i remember this happening lol this was the first time i was at chin picnic and this really disturbed me ewe freaking white ppl why r they so racist for…..i saw this incident when the black guy got beaten down by those white guys. honestly i think this was totally unfair that the cops arrested him only and did not consider listening to the argument of that guy and later realized that he was the one jumped down lol seriously this country is messed up i thought we lived in a multicultural society rather than a racist society lol i think i should be scared now cuz i m brown and who knows how safe it is for other race to live here

23. Boredom Time! (42 months ago | reply)

Why didn’t anybody take photographs of the incident. hello??

24. ‚ėÖ sg43 added this photo to his favorites.(41 months ago)

25. cyanclaws13 (39 months ago | reply)

Hmmm… yeah I remember this day at chin picnic. I saw three things that made the picnic very sad-People were using racial slurs towards blacks-they were saying there should be no niggers in the Chin pageant-I also saw a black guy get hit buy a car which was driven by a drunk guy. The guy tried to drive away but the black limped in front of car and swore at him. The guy then jumped out of the car, by the looks of it, he was drunk and had a drink in his hand-The other guy who was in the passenger seat was younger and said something like are you okay? we are with the chin picnic. He works for chin, he is exec he did not see you-By the looks of it, the black guy got hit on the back of the leg and banged his camera pretty bad too. The guy was checking his lens, he swore and said something like my, if anything is wrong with my camera you will pay-then the woman from back seat said something like you don’t seem hurt and your camera is fine. The black guy took some pics of the license plate and they drove away really quick. I believe they gave him the finger but I’m not exactly sure but the woman in the back said something and she had her hands in the air, like the middle finger-It was something in another language I guess Italian not sure. About an hour or so later I was watching the girls pageant and there was a big fight-I did not see the fight but people were yelling why are you only arresting the black dudes

I did not see fight I was on the other side when I got to that side it was really packed-people were saying it was 5 on 1. I remember a guy yelling he was behind the fence in VIP section he was saying something like we don’t want this action for the television–this will screw up the entire fucking picnic. I followed the police to where the black guy was he was hand cuffed really tight and he could not stand up-he kept falling because the cuffs were on real tight he was saying loosen the cuffs because he could not breathe too-then they brought the other guy he was cuffed loose from the front and he was sitting on another bench drinking some water having a conversation with the cop. This was the Saddest thing I have ever seen in T/O. Now I can honestly say that I understand now why black people hate cops and do not really care about them. They had some old people and they were saying shit like, one old guy, get the fucking dirty nigger off the property-This Dude should write a letter to the Prime Minister. I think anyone who was at the picnic will understand when I say it will really hurt the image of blacks and whites And any black person or white person or brown who does not want to side with this poor black guy–They are really cruel.

I am signing now because I just ran into this thing by chance but I know a few people who were at the picnic-everyone seen this they took films of it but I guess they sold the films to chin picnic or something-They even have cameras on the grounds so they should look at cameras and you would see what I am saying is no fukin lies guys Racist Italians and Cops at picnic. Someone saying when they were writing up the ticket that means the black dude was charged I don’t know the guy But I feel him.

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Virgo Astrological reading

When you first appeared you had your back to me but I knew you were a beauty.
Your slender figure casted a silhouette in the entire room.
That night my spirit travelled to the netherworld where I glimpsed a shadow of
Tristan and Isolde embraced in a kiss. Sir Tristan is a knight whose name means sorrow.
Tristan and Isolde drank a love potion-mistakingly believing it was wine.
This potion, which had been meant to enhance the arranged marriage of Mark and Isolde,
instead bound Tristan and Isolde inextricably and tragically in love.
Isolde married King Mark of Cornwall, but the love affair with Tristan continued after her wedding.
King Mark eventually learns of the affair, forgives Isolde, but exiles Tristan from Cornwall.

Tristan moved to the court of King Arthur and went to Brittany, where he met Iseult of Brittany.

Apparently he was attracted to her because of the similarity of her name to that of Isolde.

He married Iseult, but continued to love Isolde

In this letter I use your astrological name Virgo. Queen of all Virgo’s most beautiful Virgo .
Because of what my spirit showed me I tried avoiding you then one morning you appeared

out of nowhere I said hello and your eyes said yes. and I knew you had me for now until eternity.

Sweet Virgo, sweet Angel my lost Isolde. Forgive me for wanting you so much, forgive me for looking

into that heaven in your eyes.

That said I shall converse with moon and stars and present an astrological letter.

Virgo women worry too much about finding the ideal man. A man ideally from your heritage

and religious background. Virgo’s like to analyze things, you are perfectionist.

When Virgo’s encounter problems these women quickly become discouraged.

Moreover, your beauty gives you ability to see every angle of a many-sided question.

The downside is you have no confidence in any conclusions at which they arrive.

Therefore, Virgo’s are not dreamers, writers, thinkers or people who challenge the religious sphere.

You are a woman with fear of the unknown. You fear the afterlife, death, uncertainty, the occult, tarot cards

and time travel-yet you still secretly admire people who are interested in these theories.

When I think of your name I cannot put pen to it because no words in English Language does this proper meaning.

Permit me to call you Virgo the sign of a female with creativity, intelligence and charm. Permit me to identify you as God’s gift,

a blessing something truly beautiful….these words come close to the true meaning of your name. The names and the naming

of people are entwined in the stars and astrological paths.

When we spoke last week I promised to write you an article this article is mired in psychic reading and admiration.

Your feelings have changed towards university–you feel it would be better to get married an arranged marriage.

You don’t believe that you could put enough effort and passion into finishing school.

Virgo’s are charming, perfect and intelligent, the woman who seduces all that crosses her path, be it man, woman or spirit.

Henceforth you realize you be able to seduce your man.

I feel you are a very discerning person, a natural critic and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone.

Highly intuitive, you can sense what is wrong or off-key about a person or situation, and hone in onto this with intent to improve.

Governed by Earth, the Virgo woman is inherently practical, basing her thoughts on reality, not imagination.

Sensation and experience are more important than emotion and fantasy to the Virgo woman.

Virgo women experience sexuality at a younger age only later to crave romantic emphatic emotion of courtship, romance

dreaming, indulging in a character in a novel.

In this world we have two types of women hunters and collectors-you Virgo-woman-you are a collector. A woman who needs to be pursued.

However, you fear change because of gift an ancestor has giving to you being a woman of muslim Ancestry. I only know your first name

I don’t know your last name-however, your last name would not be a Khan because you fear mysticism. Women with the khanate name

have a passion for mysticsm…Once upon a time women were powerful rulers and leaders in your culture. I believe the word is Sufism-Sufism practice

Ishan perfection of worship as revealed by Gabriel. This was soon abolished by a powerful sect in Iran who forced women to be veiled and more

obedient to husbands…….Your clan were once Shiite….some may have turned to Sunnism…Your first name names of people in your family

dating back to time of Mohammad indicates you would indulge the shiite…..because of hereditary connection to family though distant today. Nonetheless, you

maybe Sunni or your family today because of that transgression.

A woman who wants change but fears change because in your world-religious or culturally experienced you dominate or have power to dominate your man.

I believe this to be from your prophet Mohammad a man I suggest you are distantly related in bloodline.

Your family adapt females names closely related to old prophet. Therefore, prophet favours you by ignoring your transgressions.

You have strong spirit protecting you and ignoring your transgressions. You are closer to sister maybe more of mother than you own mother whom at times don’t agree..

mother pressures you to finding man from old world and you are still trapped in decision.

This is your decision a big decision that will change your life forever, university is important to you because you were raised in western society.

You attended school in Streetsville there is a strong connection to this area and Mississauga Road. You mentioned you lost someone close to you?

You would consider contacting them in other world at least their spirit-you believe or may think the person spirit is not at rest.

Moreover, you are a collector as opposed to a hunter. In the future later on in life you may wish that you were more a hunter because the world is changing

and women who are hunters are greatly appreciated in every field. You like to plan things. When it comes to love you believe in true love not stuff of fairy tales

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As a Virgo you have a tight-knit community of friends, however, you will encounter people who will make you look at life differently.
Virgo’s fall in love with one person at a time and does not wear her heart on her sleeve, plunging deeply into love only after she has applied her critical mind to it.

Virgo the happy Virgo woman looks for Mr Perfect as opposed to Mr Right. She is most compatible with Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus and Capricorn.
Virgo women can be a tad reserved when it comes to big exhibits of emotion. Virgo women are shy though they tend to believe they are not.

You the Virgo woman sexually you like men to take initiative, you pretend that you don’t like gifts, and other romantic gestures like Champaign and cuddling watching an old movie.

It might be from a tragic relationship or bad experience …more so youth and need to have inhibited fun.

Virgo’s love foreplay and Virgo love to flirt and collect men.

I can talk about fashion but Virgo love fashion more than any other women-maybe Sagittarius and Capricorn love fashion more.
Virgo should stay away from Scorpio, Aries and Pisces men. these men only look for trophy wives and essentially you turn yourself into a brood mare.

Although these 3 signs maybe good with money-these men tend to be more aggressive and abusive.
Virgo favourite colours are forest green and browns-you love earthy colours. Virgo’s also like cameras you love pictures and you like cleanliness.

As an earth sign…your best colours are brown and forest greens and beige all the earth tone colours…..

That said Virgo woman if looking for a romantic relationship remember the hunter, If you eventually like someone deeper than you realize be more bolder,

be more a mother figure, a guide, never be ashamed of things like your job-education etc…look for a person who finds that unimportant.

Never take good advice to heart if it does not equate you as being a perfect 10. Listen to your heart and only your heart not the words of others.

An education is important..for example at York you have programs such as REI, Womens Study and Communications…..Women’s study its pretty kool

I actually took a few women coarse to understand the path of women. REI which is Race Ethnicity Indigenous-this is an excellent coarse-more presentation

in groups-discussions of readings–personal opinions as opposed to essays. Another program is communication-its easy and it provides excellent jobs in the marketing and business sectors.

Beware of people who see the sexual side in you.

I sense some jealous example, you might have gotten mixed up orders tickets arranged with wrong orders

People only do this to confuse new workers and make them look bad. Try and stop smoking marijuana and cigarettes

yet still these things can prevent you from coming over as positive. Marijuana can be used as a guide to travelling-but cigarettes-are-death.

I see you as the youngest child-you are spoilt-tend to get away with things. Nonetheless, your approaching people and will meet people with

Saturn ruling in house-these people can provide discipline to meditate-to be able to speak to someone about what really troubles you.

You need to enroll before it’s too late Fall 2013…..If not look into acting, commercials, the bank, get creative write your thoughts down–l

Look into programs the government provide for people wanting to improve career-for example 2nd career program…

I like communications degree and REI degree as an option. You don’t put 100% into your education. We know why!!! drinking, smoking, carrying on…..

think about it you suppose to move away go to some wife training school and kick those addictions…serious now–Remember when a Capricorn says I love you

it means whatever choice makes you happy and provide happiness will make that person happy no matter how much they want you to choose another path

We discuss trying to reach your friend if it maybe possible. I sense you are skeptical

It’s a game… need to come this path until you are ready. Don’t walk away again…….I’m incapable of hurting you….

even if I wanted to hurt you I couldn’t….Our religions forbade aggression or deception towards woman.

Words of encouragement if you were mine I would fast until the day I dye………….how do these words encourage…ask yourself

For I shall never rest content until I am certain she knows what she is able to enact in me and how great and strong is the fire

that her great worth has kindled in my breast. Those last words I believe to be Sir Byron …that said a bottle of Dom is chilled waiting

here in my basement waiting for you!!!!! ha ha ha how close was reading…

This article has not been proof read–

I will post events of what happened to me at Chin Picnic and an outline of what happened at York University….This event which will reach arbitration and become a documentary.
leave comments and if you wish a reading to be posted with name cost is 75 dollars…All this should be advertised on card.

I will post events of what happened at Chin Picnic and an outline of what happened at York University

….This event which will reach arbitration and become a documentary.

posted by C Duncan

What’s on your mind!

ABCCourtney Duncan-Writer
On Friday I ran into Stephanie a friend who is very much like myself…..yeah she’s strange, intelligent and really Kool,.. …an artist-she is an actress. This is her link anyone interested she’s in the acting union.

We were talking about relationships. We discussed the story I am writing online..and how I would like to sell idea to production company. My first post in months….LOL..So I put my thoughts to paper and reviewed the 4 most popular topics all requested by readers…Relationship was most important. The article is based on expression how to get your feelings across to someone without coming on too forceful. Remember weird is not kool- strange is a kool word but weird is not!!! you get this?

The article details what I find attractive in a woman firstly outlining my personal profile.
Those who don’t know my name “Courtney” I’ve had many nicknames including quickie….I like the name quickie described in the dictionary of coolness as a person, place or thing small in stature with a big bite. Back to the profile…I’m a Capricorn and my Chinese astrological signs are snake and dragon. I love music any era or genre..I would rate myself in the kitchen as top 10000 in the world. I could cook anything I could turn cardboard into a meal.
I have a history degree and a ESL certificate.

All Capricorn and Capricorn with a dragon drive, they are feisty and gifted with power and luck. Most people look up to the Dragon. They don’t realize this until they head out to club, attend university, a fashion show, or you hang out with actresses-you realize the importance of a dragon friend. My ideal woman is far from rich or poor. My ideal woman is beauty because she sees the potential in me, she sees the strength, savagery-yetstill the wisdom, generosity and love. To put things to closer you must remember this quote from Virginia Satir.

“‚ÄúI am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it ‚ÄĒ I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know ‚ÄĒ but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am Okay.‚ÄĚ

That quote understood-I feel Capricorn male or female they have the potential to become the best soul mates, lovers and friends. Capricorn understand the game of romance and like myself have a fear of random sexual encounters unless-we the Capricorn have full control to end this sexual encounter and never return. Most Capricorn are cunning, upfront about feelings if the person is upfront, silent, mysterious, people you can take anywhere. Capricorn at first glance everyone loves a capricorn-unfortunately Capricorn do not love everyone. Once you get to a know a capricorn-you will appreciate this info. For example if a Capricorn buys you a small gift that is not love-that is business or the right thing to do at the time. However, if a Capricorn offers you a scholarship, his car to do errands, makes you a lunch, dinner. Invites you drink a bottle of Dom Perignon or absinthe alcohol the drink made by the green fairies..that’s whipped. The Dragon in a Capricorn can be surprisingly shy in the daytime-in the evening they turn into illuminating spirits…good or evil…we must remember the quote I am and who I choose..the fact is Capricorn love to read and write….They are most comfortable in these related field of work. Along with caregivers and communications…

To me and most Capricorn a relationship is more than a sexual relationship. Sexual relationship they are so easy. Before I conclude this article I would like the readers to look at what I find seriously sexy and would pass through to the otherworld to safe I would risk my life for a knight in shining armour blah blah @##$$ you get it ..look at title of link Diary of a madman ha ha ha let socntinue!!! women I find seriously hot. Amrita Rao is seriously hot, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, Halle Berry, Raquel Welch, Bianca Gonzalez, Angel Locsin is seriously hot… about sex..cuddling is kool, the woman just met you and she not read for sexually relationship…date girl, cook for her, post your music on her FB…..GO DOWN ON THE GIRL UNTIL SHE IS READY FOR DEEP PENETRATION.

To some women you are out-of-bounds because of culture, you have a Capricorn reputation too obvious… tell her how you feel by expressing yourself and listen to her feed back…don’t force things because this may not be right person-or she may not be ready for a mature relationship based on trust and intimacy. Moreover, bonds take a long time to seal….lay down the hints…..I live somewhere in Mississauga and two women I met one is a Filipino girl working at BMO she got a man though the other girl is Indian…I won’t tell you where she works but she won a bursary from this magazine. This Indian girl she is like the sexiest thing it’s like if you met her when she was 13 and you were 16..and she says she won’t have sex until she’s 24 you be eating her out for the next 11 years…no questions you might fight it a few times but you do stuff like that…That’s strange not weird but very kool. I imagine she likes me some but its early to tell and I have always believed in dropping off your resume even if there is no posting for the job girlfriend needed. The opportunity might come up and you got your resume on…so what is on resume? Great cook, loves to eat a sexy girl cookie, reading, writing, listening to music, old movies, supports the women movements and rights, philosophy, religion Anglican, Cathars Christian, mysticism and pagan healing. Oh yeah I love college football and women’s volleyball. Most women won’t tell you this but a man with a slow hand, easy voice, soft/eyes, a man who gives her gifts not necessarily expensive but meaningful gifts. These are the guys they think about sometimes. Its far from materialistic or financially expensive, shit a bursary is tax-free credit-money back and putting your woman through college from gambling money, stripping, wherever you get cash-that’s all an investment if relationship goes that far….what the fuck… article talk about my friend Steve who helps out buying giving her bursary money and claiming on income tax…….girls love that shit……….they love it…….if she leaves you get your investment back on income tax. You get another baby coming in first year college or university…….that’s how we Dragon’s, snakes, aka King Courtney from Grand theft auto, aka Capricorn that is how we role…….we role in a cloaked Romulus or Klingon ship….

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