How Duncan and all the immortals came to the netherworld;

It befell in the days of Rosh Hashanah the day when Adam and Eve were created and chose to recognize the existence of their Creator.
During the beginning of mankind as we know it, the northern and eastern parts of Eden were assigned to Adam, and the southern and western parts to Eve. One day the Devil came to Eve when her guardian angels were away–tempting her with sweet words and a promise of a potion if drunk at midnight on a full moon when alone this potion would please our creator and the nectar that flows from her body will impregnate the flowers and trees of the garden of Eden thus producing an invisible protection for our creator and everyone who dwelled in Eden. Lord Satan convinced her it would be good in the Lord’s eyes and she would receive favour above her companion Adam.
Upon the next full moon in the hour of midnight Eve drank the potion hence in a dream state she was transported to Satan’s Castle. Collapsing into the dark princes arms he kissed and caressed her slowly moving down her legs sensually drinking the warm honey like juices flowing from her legs. When Eve opened her eyes she was transported to the garden of Eden where by black magic she witnessed the flowers blossoming and changing from one colour to another. This pleased Eve so much she was convinced that the creator would be happy. Caressing her gently in his arms the dark lord lead her to the Eastern part of the garden where they could get a glimpse of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.
First you must understand that Adam and Eve were permitted to eat from the tree of life to obtain immortality like the lord and all his angels. When they approached the tree of life Satan cut a rose at the base of the stem – a single black rose opened its intoxicating fragrance that simmered in the wind under the candle lit moonlight. He carefully removed the thorns and placed it in her dark curly hair…… Then he looked into her eyes and spoke in a tongue that is not known to humankind. To translate he says “I can sleep no more, because my blood runs cold without your touch and I will wither away to ashes and dust without your warmth besides me.” It was the smallest romantic gesture nonetheless, the words stimulated her entire body causing a cosmic rapture and weakness in her legs.. It was then Lord Satan gave her a passionate kiss and they drank the remainder of the potion collapsing in a romantic embrace under the tree of knowledge.
Gingerly kissing her and caressing her body all the time whispering….”We must taste the fruit from the tree of knowledge to keep this romantic affair in secrecy but more important to hide our true feelings from God. because God our creator has chosen you for Adam. Eve, succumbed to the Devils soothing words because it was her first carnal knowledge of a being. In the late hours of the morning she returned to Adam den’s and convinced him to eat of the forbidden fruit henceforth his eyes was open to the gift of carnal pleasure mixed with love and sin……….
Eve arose before Adam she was frustrated, confused for her feelings towards Satan and towards Adam. More important she at once recognized her nakedness. When she attempted to make a dress out of the leaves of the garden, all the trees refused because they had witnessed her sexual encounter with the Devil. However, in the western corner of the garden the fig trees gladly gave Eve their leaves because the fig was the favourite fruit of the Devil.
All of us Christians and educated people of the world know that Adam, Eve, and Satan and his followers were casted out from the garden of Eden and made to wonder the earth because of this transgression. In the generations after the fallen angels successfully led man further away from God creating thousands of religions such as Baal, snake, and dragon worshippers of the God Dagon an ancient mythological SEA God and guardian of the underworld. The angels mated with the beautiful people of the earth creating vampires, other immortals who can walk by day and my kind a being who could travel from the netherworld to mortal world only if he leaves by the rising of the sun on the next full moon. Any travel of my kind who does not leave at this time is forever, trapped to live his life as a mortal……………Henceforh, Duncan a creature of a thousand faces and many names………an immortal who has collaborated with Eleanor of Aquitaine, stolen from the Sultan’s harem, spoken to Michelangelo. A strange immortal who travelled with the great African King Mansa Musa on his pilgrimage to Mecca…..Here we encounter Duncan an immortal who inspired Shakespeare to write Othello. So the story begins with a mortal girl who in a dream state has accidentally travelled to the netherworld where she is being pursued by and evil sorcerer who wants her soul. The pursuit ends because she has stumbled into the enchanted palace gardens of the immortal Duncan a sanctuary for mortals pure of heart who have trust in our creator the creator who banished all from the lost garden of Eden.