April 2009

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Our club has  been ratified by the York Federation of Students. Check the site for the upcoming party in early May everyone invited catered to the T-baby All you readers in [...]

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Remembering The Brits and the Euro New Wave Scene The Specials video-link below.   “Ghost Town”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ2oXzrnti4&feature=related [...]

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You Are Being Lied to About Pirates By Johann Hari        CNN Video Somali pirates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6CofC_cd7s Huffington Post” — Who [...]

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GLENDON AFRICA INTERNATIONA L CONFERENCE AND                                       CULTURAL FESTIVAL: APRIL 17, 2009           [...]

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Travel Guyana The Beautiful Land of  Many Waters: Guyana is and Indeginous word meaning -land of many waters. Guyana, located in the northeast of South America. It is also [...]

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  Many young people today do not realize that a great part of the activities in their social life could be defined as sexual harassment. The faculty staff at the various [...]

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“The sun never sets on the British empire”[1] was a phrase that meant that the British Empire was so extensive that, at any one time, at least part of its territory was [...]

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The death of King Edward the Confessor on January 5th 1066 unleashed one of the most ruthless and patriotic dispute for the English crown. The trophy was an island rich in [...]