What Happens When Obama wins?

Barack Obama

The United State presidential election 2008 has got wide publicity and interest among variouss regions, states and Nations. One peculiar characteristics of this election is the optimism created among the youths and American people due to a well publicized campaign by the democratic and Republicans. However, the media seemed to have favored Barrack Obama more because he is charismatic leader, has appealed to younger voters than his opponent old and new. So many young girls, ladies and women of all generations voted him in opinion polls as sexy politician of the year this year 2008(quote if possible).

However, my concern is how he is going to handle the United States government once elected today being 4th of November 2008. I have no misgiving that he will do alright; however, I am perturbed by the pressure at the White house. I am concerned about too much Bureaucracy put together makes a hell chain of headache for a young man of his type. Some people feel that he promotes socialist agenda while McCain thinks he’s more of a liberal than any one in the United States. United States democracy is built upon liberal principles of liberty, freedom, civil rights, rule of law and other democratic theories. Hence, calling him a liberal is not a problem he tends to follow the core values stated in the constitution of the United States.

Meanwhile, so many people have had some paradox recently or what I may call ”stupid prophesy’ that he will be killed once he becomes the president of United States of America in 2008. When has it become something normal for everyone to believe that once a good man enters politics, he or she must be killed? When has it become a normal thinking even among blacks that once a black man or women enters into power, he or she must be killed or made to submit to ignorance and cowardice? Though, this hypothesis seemed to have been proved very recently by the two American skin heads between the ages of 18 and 20 years who tried to eliminate him and more than 200 black people listed in their agenda this year 2008. the question is that,” why should some one try to kill him ? Why is it that none of these premise occurred during George W. Bush era of government with all the sins he committed against America.” Sins’ that have caused tremendous economic havoc presently in stock decay and degeneration to almost 90% since the last depression in the 30’s; Sins that have caused American people loose jobs, mortgage, loss soldiers more than 5000 people in Iraq. Sins that has caused bad international relations among neighbors and continents/countries.

Meanwhile, my point is that,” Barack Obama will leave to enjoy his hard work for the next generation. its going to be tough on him to carry on or work against bad policies of George bush for the next 5 years, but with the support of the people whom he has vehemently encouraged to follow him  to the white house, with his believe in God and the people he’s working with, nothing ever will happen to him. However, my advice is that he has to take his “human and physical security” very serious and not be “so liberal” to forget himself at the Whitehouse. Second, he needs to watch the FBI and other insiders very closely because the FBI has got the key to his “physical and human security” more than many Americans. He needs to watch ordinary people on the street including his community where he has been branded to belong. Over and above all, he needs to strongly believe in himself and his GOD since he’s been a Christian or Moslem either way; therefore, let him not go against his principles of Christianity nor of his religion just to please so many of Americans to a fault. Some people argue that religion and politics should not be merged because of conflicts and crisis that emanate from joining politics with religion. But, religion can never be separated from politics in so far as humans continuously seek to know how the world is governed by certain principles beyond their comprehensibility; in so far as , we acknowledge once in a while that we are incapable of doing all things by ourselves without the help of another or something beyond our thinking and imagination; as far as politicians belong to each type of religion -be it Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Jewish, orthodox, all these kinds of religion play part in the House of assemblies, the presidency. Just as Jf Kennedy was the only single American president who was branded catholic. Other presidents in the past were either evangelicals or any other.

Therefore, the American people should begin to think differently about race and stop in politics because at the end of every government, what matters is that,” things get done as required, policies get approved in theory and practice and citizens enjoy the legacies of good government and governance.

By Stephen Abara alias prince09

Political Science/Int’l Affairs