Oh! ancient and Modern

Ancient, when men and women allowed themselves to be enslaved
Modern, when men and women try to break the chains of slavery and enslavement
Oh contemporary! our time is in our hands
our space is beyond comprehensibility
Yet, we give in to social political slogans like, visible minority
and majority without questioning the root of such human regenerative
embellishments and disembodiment.

love and lust, hate and greed, ignorance and calculated education and knowledge
has become our age long horror and dismay
when has the love world turned into a danger zone for all?
some say, it was between moments in history when people began to ,
identify each other with colors.

Are colors abstract, illusion or reality?
if a medical expert decide to operate a so called ” white dog”
does the surgeon see the inside as completely white or multiple colors.
what if he decides to operate the so called “black dog or German Shepherd”
I want an evidence from any surgeon telling me the inside was completely white
or black , brown or green, yellow and purple.

Oh wonderful is the term called “Color”- A mind game thou art be
a real game when it becomes real to the illusionist and the believer
Yet, it makes us see dynamism and difference in reality and existence.
it is time to start looking away from color to be able to meet reality than
embracing completely the illusion colored time and space offers to young and

Oh modern and ancient
the classical age seems to be better
the best of all is the root
search for the root and peace, love and progress will at our doors.